Transformations Photolangage®

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  • 68 images
  • Format 10×15 cm / 4×6 inches
  • 300g shiny varnished paper, front and back
  • Published by SVM
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Transformations is a projective image game focusing on change-related topics. The careful choice of images will allow you to broach these topics in various contexts: for yourself, in nature, in the modern world, in the arts, in energy use, in industry, in sport, in cooking and pretty much anywhere there can be a transformation – regardless of its impact. These images will liberate speech and emotions, and help either gather difficulties and emotions, or identify the desires of anyone who may be undergoing a desired or imposed change. They also help identify near or possible futures, and as such can be reassuring – because nothing is truly permanent, apart from change itself.

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The 68 Transformations images, used as an open or closed card game, can:

  • Unite a group or team
  • Provide a touch of fantasy
  • Gently broach sometimes complicated subjects
  • Encourage assertiveness
  • Talk about a situation or vision using images
  • Alternate between a fast-paced session and practical exercises
  • Generate emotions
  • Enhance creativity

Usage examples

  • Introduction by projection / identification to the visuals: In a meeting, a training course, a seminar: everyone chooses a card that feels particularly attractive and introduces themselves, showing it to the group and beginning with: “This card is all me because…”. Even if the link to the image is a progressive process, what matters is the spontaneous call to the image. An introduction with much more openness, involvement and amusement – personal as well as professional – is enabled by this technique, as opposed to a conventional introduction…
  • Identical principle with crossed presentations: Choose an image to introduce your neighbor according to your idea of her/him. And vice versa. If you don’t know the person, closely observe her/him and choose an image following your own insights. And the other way around.
  • Personal analogy: The image is drawn at random: by enforced association, introduce yourself based on an analogy with the image (̀”That’s absolutely me due to…Or, it isn’t me at all considering…) …knowing that everything happens for a reason…
  • Symbolic expression of states of mind or daily moods: During the introductions, in analogy with the image, everyone expresses their own state of mind (in relation to the subject of the meeting) or current mood.
  • Photomontage construction: To describe a team or company vision, project, story or action plan. The group chooses the images that best illustrate their ideas and stick them (with Blu Tack) on a large support (paper board sheet or kraft paper) and then presents the photomontage. This technique can also be used to illustrate a person’s perception or representation of change (before/after), illustrate their journal (joys and sorrows), their past and coming prides… This technique can also be suggested to an employee during their annual review. All this is possible, of course.

All these collective uses can of course be applied to individual coaching situations: professional, personal and therapeutic relationships (therapy, education, support for school, etc.).